Community Life

Rev. Taft Q. Heatley
Executive Pastor

In the fifteenth chapter of II Chronicles, the Spirit of God came to Azariah who gave the word of the Lord to Asa king of Judah. The word was “The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him he will forsake you.” When Asa heard this, he removed all idols from the land and made sacrifices unto God. King Asa summoned Judah to enter into a covenant to seek the Lord with all their heart and soul. They chased after God

We, at the Ray of Hope Christian Church, continue to realize that God must be the main priority in the life of the believer. Everyday we have an opportunity to “impact and transform this present world into the Kingdom of God.” We know the benefit of being in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In addition, we know that there is always more to know about the Eternal. Therefore, we ask that you join us on a journey to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.


Our 2012 theme is “God Chasers: And the Chase Continues.” In 2012, we continue our commitment to seek God with all that we have and all that we are. We desire to experience God more and more each day, walking with the Eternal and embracing the fullness of God's joy. God has given us dominion in the world and the power to overcome it. Everything that we do should seek to honor and glorify God. God is a God of his word who says that if we seek God we will find God.

The Community Life Ministries at Ray of Hope Christian Church will be a part of this movement. In 2012, our desire is that you join us as we continue the chase after God. We have a number of opportunities available for you to join us in doing so. At the Ray, we offer over 50 ministries built upon exalting the Savior (worship), evangelizing the sinner (witness), equipping the saint (word), empowering through stewardship and elevating society (work).

Our desire is that you would covenant with us and seek God. You need more of God! Are you ready to continue to go after God with reckless abandonment? Are you always dressed with the full armor of God? Come worship with us and see how we chase after the One who is our desire. Become a part of the chase and find yourself in the presence of the King!

With the love of Christ,

Taft Q. Heatley
Executive Pastor

Crazy In Love Couples Ministry
The Couples Ministry seeks to provide activities that engage married couples in relevant discussions, fun activities, and interactions that promote awareness of Christ-centered marital practices. This ministry also seeks to uplift married couples as we continue to build this vibrant ministry for the future.

2012 Crazy in Love Couples Ministry Events 
• Monday, February 13th - Session I: The Commitment that Connects Us
• Sunday, March 25th - Celebration of Black Marriage Day
• Monday, May 7th - Session II: Reaffirming for Better or Worse
• Friday, August 17th - Session III: I Give to You Unconditionally
• Friday, November 2nd - Session IV: Ten Marriage Principles of Conduct

Golden Rays Fellowship
The mission of the Golden Rays Fellowship is to share the light of Christ throughout the church, home, and community through spiritual inspiration, recreation, and socialization with mature adults. All members of the Ray, especially the senior adults, are welcome to participate in the calendar of events. Many opportunities to serve are available through committees such as: the telephone assurance committee, educational and social committees, as well as collaborations with other ministries, especially ROSA (Reaching Out to Our Senior Adults). . The Golden Rays meet the third Saturday of every month.

2012 Golden Rays Events 
• Saturday, October 13th - Golden Rays Senior Prom
• Saturday, December 15th - Christmas and Birthday Celebration

H.U.G. Ministry (Hope's Ushers and Greeters)
If you possess the gifts of hospitality, caring, compassion, kindness, and a genuine smile, then this is the place for you. Come and be a part of a ministry that offers opportunities for greeting and welcoming the people of God each time the church gathers.

The purpose of the H.U.G. Ministry is to serve as welcome and service agents to visitors and members of the Ray of Hope Christian Church. This ministry enhances the positive perception of the Ray by greeting each person with the love of Christ and welcoming them into the church family. Orientations are held three times a year.

Love in Action Ministry
(For persons with disabilities)
Love in Action Ministry advocates and supports the inclusion of persons with disabilities as active participants in the church. Persons with disabilities and their families may use their talents and gifts to serve in the ministries of the church. This ministry provides assistance by helping to identify support services within the church or through community resources. Dedicated servants are available at all services to assist disabled persons to experience the love of God through worship and service.

Singles Ministry
The Singles Ministry provides additional opportunities for singles to fellowship, serve, and grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally. This ministry will guide singles in living a Christ centered life through the knowledge of basic principles, practices, and a variety of events. This ministry also exists to be a relevant and relational community where single adults can be reached through the Word of God and encouraged to be devoted to servant ministry.

2012 Sizzling Singles Ministry Events 
• Saturday, February 11th - Singles Institute with Hope Institute (Winter)
• Friday, Feb. 17th - Singles Kickoff Social Event
• Sunday, April 22nd - Singles Picnic (Wade Walker Park)
• Saturday, September 29th - Singles Institute with Hope Institute (Fall)
• Sunday, September 30th - Singles Football Mixer

Wedding Ministry
The Wedding Ministry provides guidance and coordination to all who desire to use the Ray of Hope as their venue for Holy Matrimony. This ministry has established guidelines for wedding ceremonies held at the Ray that will promote a mutual understanding between the engaged couple and the Ray. The primary goal of the ministry is to help eliminate undue stress and make the wedding day an unforgettable occasion.

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